Date: 26th August 2016
Chromium Enriched Yeast
Zhejiang Yaofi Bio-Tech. Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China chromium enriched yeast manufacturers and suppliers,Website:http://www.yaofibionutrient.asia, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to buy and wholesale low price and superior quality chromium enriched yeast from us, and check products benefits with us.1. Chromium Enriched Yeast is an inactivated whole cell yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) product containing elevated levels of chromium, the yeast cream is pasteurized and then air dried. This process allows the mineral to interact with the yeast cell components and the gentle processing conditions then preserve the level of the essential minerals, vitamins and other micronutrients.Function?? Chromium is well known to be the active constituent of the glucose tolerance factor (GTF) which enhances insulin function for proper use of glucose in the body.? It improves lipid metabolism, has lipid-lowering effect.? It improves protein and nucleic acid metabolism, has a role in promoting growth, prevent disease.? It improves animal endocrine, enhances ability to resist stress, improves reproductive performance of animals.2.SpecificationsAppearanceLight yellow to brown gray powder or granule; characteristic odor of yeast; no external obvious impurityCr, mg/kg?2000?3000?4000Protein, %?45.0?45.0?45.0Loss on Drying, %?6.0?6.0?6.0Ash, %?8.0?8.0?8.0Package1, 25 kg/bag, drum3.DosageAnimalAquatic speciesPoultryLivestockRuminantDosage(g/ton complete feed)80?10050?10050?10080?100* Incorporation continuously into feed.* However chromium supplementations have to be optimized according to several external parameters (such as origin of the basal diet, zootechnical performances targeted, etc.)