Date: 26th August 2016
Zhejiang Yaofi Bio-Tech. Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China ?-glucan manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to buy and wholesale low price and superior quality ?-glucan, yeast ?-glucan, 1,3-? glucan, 1,6-? glucan, water-insoluble ?-glucan, beta-glucan, ?-glucan weight loss, ?-glucan skin care from us, and check products benefits with us.1.Beta Glucan is the polysaccharid composed by glucose, they are combined through ?-1,3 mostly, which is the connection form of glucose chain. It can activate the macrophage and neutrophil leucocyte etc, so that increase the content of leucocyte, cytokinin and special antibody, excite the immune system of human body. And the body can have better preparations for resist the disease caused by microbial.Yeast Beta Glucan can make the lymphocyte of the injured body recover the ability of producing cell factor (IL-1), can adjust the immune function of the body. A lot of experiences show that, the Beta-glucan can accelerate the producing of IgM antibody which will improve the immune ability of body liquid. And the cells activated by ?-glucan will excite the defense mechanism of the host, so it is used in tumor, virus infection and wound cure.Yeast Beta Glucan which prepared by special process and no endotoxin contained has been approved as one safe substance by FDA, can be dosed in food, and many reports show that if rat eat yeast glucan, will strengthen the phagolysis of the chest and belly cells. In additional, glucan can clean the free radicals, anti-radiation, solve cholesterol, prevent from high blood lipid, resist the infection caused by virus, fungi and bacterial etc.?Function?? Anti-cancer, anti-tumor? Increase disease-resistant ability? Anti-oxidation? Anti-radiation? Decrease the cholesterol? Remove the body of free radicals, anti-aging effects2.SpecificationsAppearanceYellowish to yellow-brown powder?-Glucan, %?80.0Protein, %?5.0Moisture, %?5.0Ash, %?5.0Package1,5,10, 25 kg/bag, carton,drumOr customer?s requestStorageShelf life is 2 years.Keep in dry and cool condition3.DosageDepending on usage